‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Will Follow Jesse Pinkman After 2013 Series Finale (Report)

On Wednesday the news dropped that Breaking Bad series creator Vince Gilligan was working on a feature- length >Breaking Bad movie.

Details were scarce, although a report in Variety stated that while it was unclear whether the film would see a cinema release, it would be two hours in length.

Now, more information has emerged, thanks to an exclusive report on /Film. The website has revealed that, with regards to the plot, the new movie will pick up after Breaking Bad’s series finale. It will focus on what happened to the character of Jesse Pinkman and the role will be reprised by actor Aaron Paul. The pitch for the film, that it centres on “the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom”, refers to what happened to the character at the end of the series.

WARNING: Breaking Bad spoilers to follow

Anyone who watched the final season of Breaking Bad will know that the last three episodes saw Walter White (Bryan Cranston) see his empire crumble in front of him and his meth-cook partner-in-crime, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), kidnapped by a gang of white supremacists and forced into cooking meth for them. Pinkman was put through hell during this time; he was tortured by the gang and his love interest was murdered by them when he tried to escape. After a particularly bloody denouement, Pinkman escaped from the gang’s compound, screaming as he drove into the night.

Back in 2013, when asked about the character of Pinkman, Gilligan seemed to leave the door open for further exploration of the man saying:

“My personal feeling is that he got away. But the most likely thing, as negative as this sounds, is that they’re going to find this kid’s fingerprints all over this lab and they’re going to find him within a day or a week or a month. And he’s still going to be on the hook for the murder of two federal agents. But yeah, even though that’s the most likely outcome, the way I see it is that he got away and got to Alaska, changed his name, and had a new life. You want that for the kid. He deserves it.”

According to the report on /Film, it’s likely the new film will be a television movie as it’s being made through Gilligan’s deal with Sony TV, who also produced the original show.

There’s no word yet on a release date.

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