7 Paid IPhone Apps You Can Download For Free On August 24th

Learn & never forget words and their pronunciations. Save words that you want to learn in Reji. Reji will teach you these words, their pronunciations, and remind you to repeat them a few times, so that you remember them forever.

Everyone who has ever visited a language class knows how tedious it is to learn new words that you get in the class. Reji makes it easier and more efficient!

Just type in words that you want to learn, Reji will add translation to your language, definition and image to them. It will teach you words and correct pronunciations in an interactive game where you have to flip cards with your words.

No more paper word lists and forgotten vocab! With Reji, you get a super-easy and straightforward alternative to your paper word lists.

• Save your own words

Reji lets you save any words that you get from the environment, movies, books, classes or the Internet. It automatically builds flashcards for these words with images, translations or definitions. You don’t have to look up for them by yourself, Reji is in charge for this!

• Learn words efficiently

Learn saved words quickly and efficiently with Reji’s advanced repetition algorithm. It will show you flashcards with your words in a very special order, so that you remember them the best.

• Never forget what you learned

Since learning without repetition is futile, Reji not only teaches you new words, but also reminds you to repeat those, you’ve already learned, on time.

• Correct pronunciation

Reji teaches you how to pronounce words & phrases correctly by speaking out with correct accent, showing transliteration (pinyin, e.g.) and phonetic transcription (IPA).

• iCloud synchronization

Reji backs up all your data in your iCloud, so that even if you reinstall the app, all your data will be restored seamlessly! If you are using multiple devices with the same Apple ID, Reji will synchronize all your data across them, too.

• Deck Market

Reji also has a bunch of flashcards with basic words in all supported languages that you can download, if you don’t want to save words to learn by yourself.

• Commuter/traveler-friendly

Reji works offline. As soon as you saved your flashcards, you can get back to learning words & pronunciation at any time, even offline. Frequent travelers & commuters would love this!

• Multilingual

You can learn words & pronunciations in Spanish, Chinese, French, English and other 42 languages. Check out the full list of supported languages here: https://reji.me/faq.html

Download Reji to give your vocabulary a boost now!

Source : https://bgr.com/2018/08/24/best-free-iphone-apps-ios-ipad-aug-24/