Berlin Film Fest To Open With New Movie From Lone Scherfig

The Berlin Film Festival has completed the lineup of films for its 2019 Generation sidebar of children and youth movies.

Makoto Nagahisa’s feature-film debut We Are Little Zombies will open Generation 14plus section, targeting teen viewers. The film looks at the turbulent inner lives of four Japanese youngsters, aged 13.

Cleo, an adventure story set in Berlin from German director Erik Schmitt, will open the Generation Kplus section for younger viewers.

Among the new Generation titles announced Friday are Reconstructing Utoya, Carl Javer's documentary reconstruction of the brutal terrorist attack in Norway in 2011, made with four survivors of the killings; and Andre Hormann's Ringside, a documentary looking at Chicago boxing rivals Kenny Jr. and Destyne Jr.

In total, some 62 short and feature-length productions, picked from nearly 2,500 submissions, will screen in this year's Generation section.

Highlights of the 2019 lineup include the world premiere of Goldie, from director Sam de Jong, starring model/actress Slick Woods; the Canadian drama A Colony from director Genevieve Dulude-Decelles; Bulbul Can Sing from Indian director Rima Das; Makoto Nagahisa's debut feature We Are Little Zombies from Japan; and My Extraordinary Summer With Tess, a Dutch literary adaption from first-time director Steven Wouterlood.

The Generation section is one of Berlin's most popular, and best-attended, sidebars, with most screenings quickly selling out. The section is divided into Generation 14plus, for films targeting a teen audience, and Generation Kplus, for titles suitable for young children.

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Berlin Film Festival Completes Generation Lineup
Berlin film fest to open with new movie from Lone Scherfig