Flipps Delivers 100 Channels Of B Movies, Obscure Sports, And More To Your Phone Or TV — For Free

Another downside: Mobile ads appear each time you pause a video in the free version, and the pre-roll video ads attached to some content are unskippable. I got my fill of ads for One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, thank you very much.

Content is king

But the big question with every one of these cord-cutting options is always content. Flipps’ selection of more than 100 channels is better than you might expect, but it’s unlikely to replace HBO, ESPN, or other cable staples in the hearts of most couch potatoes.

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If you’re willing to pony up $50 for an annual subscription to Wibi.tv you can get recent first-run films like Life of Pi, Gravity, and The Hobbit. Wibi also lets you watch nine movies every week for free (but it picks the movies, not you).

Free movie services include Crackle, Osiris Entertainment, and Kit Parker Films, which feature titles like The Mermaids of Tiburon, The Slime People, and The Bride and the Beast. Yes, it’s a B-movie bonanza. Dig deep enough, though, and you will unearth some gems — like some early Jackie Chan movies, back when he was more limber and had ridiculous hair.

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Aside from movies, there are dozens of music video channels, mainstream news (CNN, New York Times, BBC), old cartoons, educational programs (National Geographic, NASA), lifestyle content (Glamour, Cosmo, Maxim), fitness shows, and sports — of a sort.

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Sorry, sports fans — don’t get too excited by the logos for the NFL and Major League Baseball. The football show is just talking heads jabbering about pigskin politics. The baseball programming is mostly college games, and the basketball channel offers pro hoops highlights and some live games, but they’re from the NBA’s D (development) league. If your sports tastes are more extreme and less mainstream, however, this may not bother you. 

Tune in, turn on

New app, same old problem. Until cord-cutting apps give you access to real sports, news, and other live events, the cable/satellite cartel will continue to dominate your choice of video entertainment. But Flipps makes a pretty good supplement to getting all your eye candy over coax or from a dish in the sky.

Heck, even if you shell out for the HD version and Wibi.tv, and you only watch it on your mobile device, you still get an amazing amount of content for about $50 a year, and you get to watch it just about anywhere. That’s a deal any couch potato will dig.

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Flipps Delivers 100+ Channels of B Movies, Obscure Sports, and More to Your Phone or TV — for Free
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