Jennifer Aniston Talks \'Dumplin\'\' Film And Dolly Parton On \'Jimmy Kimmel Live\': Watch

Jennifer Aniston stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night (Dec. 5) to chat about her upcoming Netflix film Dumplin’, which features music by Dolly Parton. Kimmel opened by showing a clip from the movie in which Aniston (who plays a retired pageant winner) reunites with one of her fellow beauty queens backstage (played by Kimmel’s wife and Aniston's good pal, Molly McNearney). 

“Oh, we had so much spray tan in that movie,” joked Aniston. “It’s unbelievable.” McNearney joined Aniston to film in Atlanta, leaving Kimmel to watch the couple's children back in Los Angeles, a situation the host seemed a bit peeved about. “If you should ever put Molly in another movie, put the kids in the movie, too,” he teased.

Aniston continued by sharing some of the film's themes: “It’s a movie about, you know, learning to love yourself and girlfriends… It’s a love story mainly with, it’s a love story between a mom and a daughter, between friends, and mainly actually it’s a love story about Willowdean (played by Danielle Macdonald) learning to really just love herself and redefining what beauty is.”

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Jennifer Aniston Talks 'Dumplin'' Film and Dolly Parton on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Watch
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