Red Bull Fest Is Representative Of The L.A. Music Landscape

Kristen McElwain, Red Bull Music's creative director, says, "Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and a place where you see surprising creative disciplines crossing over with music in a way that is truly unique to the city. We wanted to lean into this fusion with this year's festival while still keeping music at the festival's core."

Red Bull's film selections are spearheaded by Center Channel, which explores the impact of sound on image. Making its headquarters at the Ukrainian Cultural Center, Center Channel kicks off its series on Friday, Feb. 8, with "Beyond and Back: A Punk Rock Homecoming," celebrating the Ukrainian Cultural Center's history as one of Los Angeles' original punk-rock venues. Among the films shown on this day will be X: The Unheard Music, The Slog Movie, Surf Punks L.A., Urban Struggle and Underground USA 1&2. Center Channel's series continues daily with a wide range of material including classics such as Decline of Western Civilization, Wigstock, Grateful Dead Movie and Selena, to mention just a few.

"We really wanted to make the space a cinema for music fans," McElwain says. "The programming is representative of the L.A. music landscape, featuring punk films, hip-hop and experimental. L.A. stories and filmmakers were also prioritized, as well as multidisciplinary musicians that can be at a loss for spaces where they can showcase their work that doesn't fit in the concert model. We're very excited to see how this new space fits into the city's framework."

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Red Bull Fest Is Representative of the L.A. Music Landscape
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