Sinemia Is Confusing…But The Savings Are Epic

I signed up for the 2 movies for 2 people per month deal, which costs $20.99/mo. I received my Sinemia Mastercard in the mail within a week of signing up and the instructions were a little unclear on what to do next. This was a common theme throughout.

Upon downloading their app, the instructions made it seem like the only way to purchase tickets was by getting them at the box office. I actually didn’t mind that, but the ability to buy your tickets online in their ‘Advance Ticket’ section was never mentioned until I actually stumbled upon it myself.

Essentially, you use your Sinemia Mastercard like you would a regular credit card and purchase them on, for example, and you’re all done! Great, or so I thought, until I actually went through the process. There’s a bunch of steps that the app doesn’t specify, which needs to happen between deciding on your movie and actually watching it.

Booking my Movie Ticket

First, I needed to visit and note the day, time and type of movie I wanted to see (I picked Tomb Raider in 4DX at 12:25p.m. on March 15). I returned to the Sinemia app and entered this information in. According to the prompts, this enables the card to be used for buying tickets to that movie.

Anyways, I returned to again and crossed my fingers as I tried to check out using my Sinemia Mastercard, and this is where things got very rocky. My postal code wasn’t working, and by pure chance, I remembered a tip from a Reddit user about using ‘34394’ as the postal code. Some users claimed that Sinemia informed them of this, but I didn’t receive any such notice.

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Sinemia is Confusing…But the Savings are Epic
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